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Hydroponics accessible and easy from your home

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Surely if you have heard about this #hydroponic #growing #technique, you have thought that it can be somewhat expensive AND requires supervision. But in reality this does not have to be that way.

If you like vegetation at home and you also want to obtain great benefits from this such as:

-A healthier diet, prepare your favorite salads, so I present this to you: From Your Garden to your to your Table.

-A #fresh #style in your home and combined with the #vegetation, give life to your home, in addition the plants will #purify the air of your home, they will aromatize it Also they will keep fresh and comfortable.

-Don't worry about the possible insectizides or bugs in your plants, hydroponics is organic, it is also merely clean, you do not need soil and treatments in your plants, only the #liquid #solution dissolved in the purified water will be, in addition it will be merely efficient the use of water, and plants by having exactly the required nutrients and the required conditions will create #crops and develop 30% faster than any other method of agriculture.

-#Automation of your cultivation systems, here we are going to give you everything you need in a silver tray.In addition to this saving your pocket, apart from this we are going to take you step by step to convert any type of hydroponic system into a more efficient system, smart in conjunction with ecological solutions, making this more self-sufficient.

For that we present to you Our Demeter Farm Actuator Module #Project: Our first Module Created by

Right now we are in the process of this project, so we have carried out a kickstarter campaign to monetize this project and finance it, during and afterwards, we will be sharing all the progress and materials to the public, you can help make this project a reality, with a donation or from kickstarter. Your support is a big hug of support and inspiration for us, we thank you from the heart.

Yours sincerely Rafat R. Responsible for this project.

Let's get started: Our list of materials to build our Demeter farm Module of actuators:

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