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The path of entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a Virtue and a daily choice, while adversity is present like an animal on the prowl, preparation and training is the school of life, the lesson will be repeated in our lives in the form of adversities as our unwanted results obtained . We approve until the unwanted situation becomes the result we want.

For those who decide to undertake, it means taking the helm of the ship that is our life and directing it. The best tool is the compass as our clear goal, the ways we reach it may change, but the goal never.

For a long time I have sought to undertake in different ways, but until recently I found thanks to my Coach Friend Curtis Stamp who shared with me this powerful diagram about how Our conscious Mind works, subconscious mind and the correlation of how we obtain the results and how we can Change them to the ones you want. This for me meant a very powerful concept, the author of this diagram is Bob Proctor from the program THINKING INTO RESULTS | WELCOME! | Proctor Gallagher Institute


This Powerful representation of person and about how we materialize our joint objectives to achieve the objectives generally Bob Proctor explains through this scheme where the upper part of the head we have our main receiving sensors of our world which are: smell, sight, touch, ear and taste. Posterior mind of the part of the head (X) is the mind processes information such as ideas, imagination, memories and lived experiences, this can be good or bad thoughts, later it is processed and passes into the subconscious mind (Y) where it is usually it is the mind of reasoning, habits and decisions, here they revolve around our habits. It is said that to change the results we must first change our habits for this the change will be real and not just temporary. This is forged through repetition for approximately 90 days to forge a new habit. Since our body acts according to our mind (X and Y) command, So our actions produce results, the results produce reactions.

  • If we want to change and achieve our goals, we must create new habits starting from our thoughts. Visualization is quite a powerful tool, it has the power to create, everything you can see around you has first been created through your imagination.

  • Then we must Imagine and visualize our goal, be the clearest in the details. And this should be reflected here as a reminder of the importance of the powerful tool that is the goal card.

  • Before knowing this powerful information, I wanted to create different results, but I acted according to my current results, which generated the same thoughts, the same feelings, I performed the same actions again and in the end, the same result that I did not want. When Curtis Stamp taught me this I understood how I can actually change my results to my desired results which are my goals, we break the cycle when we first start with imagination and visualization through here we create a positive thought pattern which will change our state from vibration to positive attracting positive feelings consequently positive actions with positive results and consequently we receive a positive response from the world.

The 3 most important things I have learned throughout my life is:

1. Falling means the learning opportunity, to try our goal again, but this time much better.

2. Adversity will make you stronger and set you up for greater triumphs.

3. The present is the only thing that exists, and the best time to start.

When I want to do something, I don't say to myself, I'm going to try it, No! It's like a bath of ice water, putting one foot in front of you so as not to go back, then there is no turning back, this and with Faith to achieve it.

I understand that there are days of confusion, discouragement, and great adversity to go through. My morning ritual is usually the greatest energy charger to start the day personally. My ritual consists of the following:

1. 20 minutes of Yoga right after waking up (before picking up the phone or doing anything else), meditation AND visualization.

2. 20 minutes I write my Ideas, and I write my goal card (Which I carry with me in my wallet all day, I sometimes check in the evenings as an energy object to inspire me.

3. 20 minutes of study Personal growth, mainly dedicated to reading

And later I dedicate it to intense exercise, generally jogging or in the gym, this will help keep our body with better oxygenation and healthy.

Below, I share some resources that I use for my personal growth.

Written by

Rafat R.



Coach Curtis Stamp

Curtis Stamp | Facebook

Books I recommend:

Think and grow rich

The Richest Man in Babylon

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